11/23/22- New Moon in Sagittarius Collective Reading

11/23/22- New Moon in Sagittarius Collective Reading
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For those who are here and on this particular journey, let me just say that you are a very powerful being and have a higher calling. This seems to be the beginning of us actually realizing just how far we've come--not only in this life, but in the accumlation of our past lives as well. We have reached another level.

Main Themes: Expansion through Witnessing

The energy is clear about having a higher perspective and acting from a place of stillness and observation. Those knee-jerk reactions to certain situations will not serve you at this time. Ironically, this cycle is showing us that by doing "nothing" we will gain "everything". Witnessing something is simply observing it without engaging in any action. Divine is asking such a simple task from us that it seems difficult to do, but do it we must. All we need to do is be still, get out of the way, and watch things happen for us.

As we do more of this, we begin to enjoy the simplicity of life. Not needing to force anything, push or pull on our conscious, or perform for people in our life. We get to just BE. Spirit is giving us permission to do nothing that doesn't fill us with joy, inspiration, or resonance.

The fifth chakra is the focus here– expression, communication, truth, and creativity. By no longer acting on things, ideas, places or people that do not fill us with joy, we are more in tune with the truth of who we are than ever before. Because we choose to reserve that energy for what we truly desire and create, we are more capable of beleiving in our dreams and bringing them to life. We can hear the calling of our hearts more clearly. We can expand upon what we think we can accomplish or do, surpassing even our own imaginations. Expanding past the limitations others have placed upon us that we may or may not have adopted into our own psyche. We can make the impossible, possible.

This may be a new way you are learning to relate to other people, so it will take practice. And those people in our lives who are not used to us being this way, may meet us with resistance. We may get triggered. We may regress back to our old ways. We may react unintentionally instead of holding space and allowing a moment to pass. However, there will always be more opportunities to witness life. You can witness life any second of every day. Have compassion for your human nature. Remember everything you have gone through just to get to this point. Forgive yourself for any "missed opportunities" and choose to cultivate inner stillness even in that moment.

Bottom Line: Only take inspired action. Observe the rest and watch it flow.

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Jamie Larson